Professor. Stefan BRATOSIN

Short bio: Dr. Stefan BRATOSIN is Full Professor exceptional class in Media and Communication Sciences at Paul Valéry University of Montpellier, France. He holds a PhD in Communication Sciences at University Charles de Gaulle Lille 3, France, and a PhD in Reformed Theology at Aix-en-Provence University, France. He is the director of the Institute for Advanced Religious Studies and Internetworking Communication (Iarsic). He is also deputy director of Corhis EA 7400 and editor of Essachess – Journal for Communication Studies. Stefan Bratosin is Doctor Honoris Causa in Social Sciences. He has authored books, book chapters, and articles on New Technologies of Information and Communication Sciences (NTIC), concertation and public sphere, (emerging) media and religion, spirituality, liberty of religion, secularity and religious organizations and institutions. He supervises PhD candidates in the following fields: mediatization of the religion and (multi)media public sphere, production of meaning in the social spaces (domestic space, organizational space and public space), cultural mediations and symbolic forms within organizations. He is a member of Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies, University of Texas, and European Communication Research and Education Association – ECREA. His expertise lies in how the symbolic construction of the communicative reality is associated with the “mediatization of everything”. In this context, Stefan Bratosin has frequently questioned the role of the digital media in the appropriation of the religious fact (an important source of symbolic violence especially on the emerging media).

Title : Freedom of expression challenged by artificial intelligence

Abstract : The proposal aims to question how the political power through ideologies and mythical-religious thinking can divert the sense of the freedom of expression in the context in which the collective imaginary associates artificial intelligence with modernity and progress (the consequences of the Chinese citizen behavior scoring system will be discussed here) .

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