dr. Mihaela-Alexandra TUDOR

Short bio: dr. Mihaela-Alexandra TUDOR is Associate Professor Habilitate in Communication Sciences at Paul Valéry University Montpellier 3, France. She is responsible of the Communication and Social Transformation research axis at CORHIS (EA 7400) Research Center and PhD supervisor. She is executive editor-in-chief of Essachess – Journal for Communication Studies. Her research focuses on the study of New technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC), religion and new spiritualties through the prism of sociology of mediatization, secularism/secularization in the public sphere, new forms of recomposition of the religion under the impact of emerging media, cultural analysis of interreligious networking and dialogue, religious freedom as well as research methodology.

Title : Representations and narrative schemes of the current mediatized utopias related to artificial intelligence

Abstract : The present proposa lis based on an interdisciplinary dialogue that will focus on highlighting the negative and conflicting narratives that the media (traditional and digital, from the film industry to the television industry) convey about the conflict between artificial intelligence and the human being. These dominant narratives generate utopias unfavorable to the approach and integration of the revolution produced by artificial intelligence, which pose major ethical problems with impact for science and society.


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